Saturday, March 17, 2012

Water Colors is for sale

Yes, that is the same "Water Colors" you see at the heading on my website

Ruth and I have talked about selling her for over a year now. It was a tough decision, but we are getting older, and she has become a bit too large for the two of us.

Are we getting out of sailing? I doubt it. I will still be crewing with my friend Bill Thompson at the GYC Tuesday night's races. I will also keep my eye out for perhaps a smaller boat that will be easier to maintain and that I can dock at the club next year.

I will be creating an on-line poster with pictures and specifications very soon, but here is a short list of features:

An exception to the rule in headroom, the Hunter 33.5 has a full 6' 5" headroom that has value regardless of your height. She certainly seems more like a 35 than a 33.

The tall powerful rig makes the 33.5 a joy to sail whether day sailing or for club racing. Great sailing boat!

My asking price is $40,000. Truly a lot of boat for the money!

If you have any interest, please send e-mail to or call me at

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