Sunday, January 24, 2010

Only a couple months to launch!

My, how the winter seems to drag on. We just came out of a week of continuous snow fall, and presently enjoying a January thaw. There is still some snow on the ground, but the sun has been shining and warming things up the past couple days. The forecast for the coming week is "dropping temperatures with rain turning to snow".

I am beginning to think about my new roller furling that I have to install on Water Colors before launch. The mast is down and stored at the club, so it shouldn't be too difficult a task. If I run into any problems I always have my friends at GYC to help me out.

I promise to address the blog more often as time gets closer to sailing season. I now have a nifty small camera to take with me so that I can post some shots here on the blog.

Until then... enjoy the snow!