Friday, May 28, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Memorial Day is just a couple days away, and I still don't have Water Colors ready to sail. She is in the water but without her mast. The mast is at GYC sitting on saw horses waiting to get the new roller furling installed. A combination of procrastination, weather, room at the club, and just plain fear have been the reasons.

I finally got a clear place on the lawn after most other members launched and stepped their masts. Once I put the mast back together, installed the halyards and spreaders, I started on the roller furling. The instructions are far from ideal, not written for the mechanically disadvantaged folks like me. I found the I needed to replace the lower fastener on the bottom turnbuckle of the forestay. I read in the instructions that the part should be available at a local marine store... NOT! I ended up calling the furler company in Florida and ordered the correct part for over-night delivery. As my luck would have it, they typed my address incorrectly, and it didn't make it. After several calls to the manufacturer and UPS, I am told it is on the delivery truck today.

The weather forecast looks good, and with a little luck, I can get the furler built and installed today, and maybe even step the mast if I am really lucky. Keeping my fingers crossed.